Most of our products are one-time only production. Once they are out of our factories, all of them are sold through our existing sales channels. We understand some items are hard to find from your area.

Please check our Where to Buy page which will show you a list retailers and worldwide distributors who specialize in carrying hard-to-find exclusive items. We are confident that one of these listings will be able to assist you in your search.

Each R/C remote operates at a specific frequency (Megahertz or mHz) to communicate with the vehicle. In the United States, the frequency is typically 27 mHz or 49 mHz. The frequency sticker can be found on the remote as well as underneath the vehicle.

Each Jada R/C vehicle and controller is assigned one of two frequencies (27 mHz or 49 mHz, if you are in the United States). You can operate TWO Jada R/C’s at the same time, if one R/C is 27 mHz and the other is 49 mHz.

  • Vehicle and Controller 1: 27 mHz
  • Vehicle and Controller 2: 49 mHz

Some Jada R/C’s allow you to choose a channel within the frequency (27 mHz channel A, B and C and 49 mHz channel A, B and C). In this case, you can play up to SIX R/C’s at the same time by assigning a channel to each vehicle and controller.

  • Vehicle and Controller 1: 27mHz Channel A
  • Vehicle and Controller 2: 27mHz Channel B
  • Vehicle and Controller 3: 27mHz Channel C
  • Vehicle and Controller 4: 49mHz Channel A
  • Vehicle and Controller 5: 49mHz Channel B
  • Vehicle and Controller 6: 49mHz Channel C

Frequency does not affect performance of the R/C.

  1. Make sure both the vehicle and remote controller are turned on.
  2. Install new batteries.
  3. If applicable, check that the vehicle and controller have matching frequencies and channel.
  4. Make sure antenna is fully extended. Some controllers requires you use a wire tube which is included in packaging.
  5. If you are still having trouble, call Jada customer service at 1-800-679-5232.

When changing batteries, be sure to avoid mixing alkaline and lithium batteries, mixing brands and mixing old batteries with new ones. Doing so, could reduce overall performance and cause battery leakage or rupture. If you are using rechargeable batteries, be sure to follow manufacturer’s charging instructions.

Manufacturer Warranty: Jada Toys, Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser that any non-die cast collectible product will be free of defect in material and workmanship for thirty (30) days from date of purchase. Jada Toys, Inc. will repair or replace the non-die cast collectible product at our sole option, in the event of such a defect within the warranty period. There is no warranty for the die cast collectible products.

Defective Product: Please report within 30 days of purchase. The best choice is to return it to the place of purchase with a receipt. Most reputable retailers have programs in place with Jada Toys and will take care of defective issues with a store credit or exchange.

We provide a 30 day LIMITED manufacturer warranty on all of our products. Please call us at 1-800-679-5232 for a return authorization number to ship the product back to us. Please have your product and receipt ready in order for us to best serve you. We will either fix or replace the defective item with the same or equivalent product depending on availability.

Currently, other than replacement R/C controllers, Battle Machines/Heat propellers and Battle Machines Rapid Fire Discs, we do not sell other replacement parts and accessories such as rims, screws, axels, bumpers and vehicle body parts. Available replacement parts:

  • R/C Remote: $18 USD each for all types of radio control with antenna (Int’l shipping add $10). When ordering a remote controller, please indicate the “frequency” of the radio control, either 27mHz or 49mHz.
  • Battle Machines/Heat Helicopter Propeller Set: $5 USD per set, each set includes 4 propellers. We currently have a limited supply.
  • Battle Machines Rapid Fire Discs: $10 USD for 36 discs.


To order, please include a note with:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Phone Number
  • Product line, scale, model and item number
  • Replacement part
  • Payment (U.S. cashier check or money order only) to:
ATTN: Parts Department
Jada Toys, Inc.
938 Hatcher Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748
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